Grab your passports because this Spring Break, the experts in global cuisine, Patak’s, Blue Dragon and Al’Fez, have come together to take families on a taste adventure.

Stir-up your senses and discover the magic of some of the most intriguing countries on earth through six days of delicious and fragrant recipes, fun-filled family activities and games all while exploring the culture and history of destinations that make our world an exciting place to live.

With no trips abroad planned this year, we want to take you and your family on a journey to five countries without the need of a suitcase. Research shows that globe-trotting kids tend to be more successful in school, be more independent and have higher self-esteem, confidence, adaptability, and sensitivity. Teaching kids about the world is a wonderful way to help them learn open-mindedness and compassion while getting them excited about the beauty our global community has to offer!

Raising the next generation of global citizens starts with a trip down the grocery aisle

“This magical, marvelous food on our plate, this sustenance we absorb, has a story to tell. It has a journey.” Joel Salatin

Food exploration can teach children of all ages about culture and traditions but also, a thing or two about being flexible, all in the comfort of your home. To raise a foodie, introducing new flavours at a young age is a great start. And parents, make sure your appetites are ready, too! Leading by example is a crucial first step: research shows that children are most likely to prefer the foods their parents eat. Put your adventurous side into action by trying new cuisines. Inviting kids into the kitchen and getting them involved in meal decisions – from the market to the dinner table – is the best way to expand your child’s palate. By broadening their horizons with cuisines from around the globe, you will cultivate an appreciation and curiosity about food.

The product offerings from Patak’s, Blue Dragon, and Al’Fez make it easy to cook authentic dishes from all over the world without the time-consuming process and effort it would typically take to source and prep the ingredients. Each brand prides itself on being free of artificial flavours and colours and many products are also non-GMO. Made of the highest-quality ingredients, the cooking sauces, spice blends, meal kits, pickles, condiments, flatbreads, pastes and marinades come together to make delicious meals, many of which can be prepared in 30 minutes or less.

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